What makes a great place to live?

Can it support a mix of ages, incomes and jobs so it can be sustained or over time? Does it include walking, cycling, and public transportation choices in addition to driving? Are its schools outstanding and within walking distance? As it grows and more people come to call it home will nearby farms, ranches and open spaces be protected?

Idaho Smart Growth helps find positive answers to questions like these. We’re here to help you create solutions that can benefit everyone. We explore and share proven ways to grow lasting, balanced, vibrant communities.

What kind of services do we provide?

With many years of experience building coalition, conducting assessments, completing research, and providing training and presentations, Idaho Smart Growth helps planners, elected officials, developers, engineers, bike/ped advocates, health care professionals, teachers, and parents to use planning tools to create safe and healthy communities.

For a list of services we can provide, click here: Idaho Smart Growth Professional Services

What does smart growth mean for you?

  • Diverse choices in housing and transportation that fit your lifestyle
  • Great places to do business
  • Healthy air, water, and quality of life
  • Efficient use of taxes—low cost of services
  • Farm, ranch, and landscape preservation

Smart growth communities each bring a unique sense of place and local flavor that make them sought-after to residents and visitors alike.

Explore this site now to see how Idaho Smart Growth helps your community.