Idaho Smart Growth Members

The financial support of ISG’s members, major donors and sponsors is critical to our work. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and memberships are acknowledged as charitable contributions for tax purposes. All levels receive access to member-only events; member discounts; and name on website and annual report. Supporting members and above are acknowledged by level. We also have occasional event and publication sponsorships available. Automatic monthly donations are especially welcome. 

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Leaders ($1,000+)

Gary and Liz Allen, Eileen Langan Barber, Jim Conger, Doug and Donna Fowler, Scot Oliver

Sustainers ($500-$999)

Laurie Barrera, Bill Clark, Ray and Kate Eldridge,  Melissa Galli, Milt Gillespie, George and Bev Harad, Mitzi Jensen, Steve Lockwood and Molly O’Reilly, Linda Perez and Roger Malinowski, Laura Tirrell and Mark Mering, Mark and Becky Uranga

Supporters ($100-$499)

Edwina Allen, Beverly Barker, Gary and Janet Benoit, Matt and Alison Blandford, Jon Breckon, Felicia Burkhalter, Janet and Russell Buschert, Dave and Suzan Butzier, Nancy and Bryan Chaney, Clay Carley, Pam Conley and Mike Beaty, Tom and Laurie Corrick, Rosemary Curtin, Jane DeChambeau and Tim Mosko, Jane and Ken Dunbar, Susan and Bill Eastlake, Daren Fluke, Michelle Groenevelt and Nathan Steward, Robert and Annette Hanson, Alan and Patty Head, Chas and Schell Herrington, Steve and Susan Holm, Rob and Jackie Hopper, Kay Hummel and Jeff Fereday, John Hummel, Gerri Kawczynski, Jeff and Mills Kuhns, Kushlan and Associates, Jane and Bill Lloyd,   Robert and Annette Hanson, Robert Liberty, Renee Magee, Sarah Martz, Cynthia McCaene, Sherry McKibben and Doug Cooper, Jody and Mark Meier, Christopher Meyer, Stephen and Julie Meyer, Skip and Esther Oppenheimer, CJ and John Petrovsky, Aaron Qualls, Rich and Georgiann Raimondi, Hilary Rayhill, Diane Ronayne and Gary Richardson, Deanna and Trejchel Smith, Gregg Squier and Alison Servheen, Pam Sheldon, LeAnn Simmons, Rick and Carole Skinner, Nancy Taylor, Bob and Kathy Taunton, Jenah Thornborrow, Steve Trout,  Angela Wickham, Dick Winchell, Rachel Winer and Tim Breuer, David Work, David and Renee Zaremba

Members (up to $99)

Lisa Ailport, Erika Akin, Elizabeth Allen, Ryan Armbruster, Eileen and Blakey Atkisson, Warren Barrash, Jill Baum, Scott Beecham, Steve Benner, Emil Berg, David Berry, Carl and Gloria Bianchi, Randy Blough, Rocky and Mary Bogert, Andrea and Josh Bogle, Suzi Boyle & Michael Hummel, Lisa Brady, Chris Brown, Carol Casler, Rebecca Casper, Sandy and Richard Carter, John Caywood, Kathy Chambers, Sue and Tom Chelstrom, Hethe Clark, Elaine Clegg, Michelle Cooper, Holly Cook, Amanda Critchfield, Eloise Cronin, Janelle Davis, Mark Davis, Zoe Davis William Ditz, Seherzada Dzaferovi, Betsy and Cole Dunklin, David Eichberg, Christian B Eschen, Joanie Fauci and Garry Tanner, Alicia M Flinn, Pam Fraser, Dick and Susan Gardner, Sherrie Garner, Sharon Grant, Elaine and Charles Gill, Mike Gridley, David Guiotto, Barbara Olic-Hamilton, Anne Hausrath, Margaret Havey, Donna-Marie Hayes, Chris and Bethany Hendrickson, Jo Henderson,  Chance Hobbs, Lynn and Mark Hofflund, Rick Johnson and Roberta Crockett, Maryanne and Rockey Jordan, Erik Kingston, Julie Kreiensieck, Nora Locken, Amanda LaMott, Susan Mason, Ryan McCurdy, Mary McGown, Aaron Mondada, Craige J. Naylor, Jim Neill, Patricia and Mark Nilsson, John O’Connor, Tracy Olsen, Linda D. Paul, Kathy Pennisi, Henry and Sue Reents, Muriel Roberts, Shellan Rodriguez, Jerry Royster, Ann and Lars Sandven, Lisa M Scales, Gary Segers, Anthony Shallat, Todd Shallat, Kenneth G Sherman, Hal and Susan Simmons, Elizabeth Sims, Jared Slyter,  B.J. Smith, Viki Smith, Wally and Mary Claggett Smith, Selwyn Spaulding, Chris Staley, Barry and Maria Stern, Nancy Taylor and Doug Houston, Walt Thode, Gary Thompson, Connie Thorngren, Robert Vestal and Jyl Hoyt, Jaap Vos, Mark Wasdahl, Glenn and Carol Weyhrich,Will Whelan and Mary Beth Whitaker, Ben Wilson, Kristoffer Wilson, Kenneth and Lyn Winer, Charlie and Liz Woodruff, Stephenson Youngerman, Thomas M Zabala.