Creating Quality Infill


Infill development can create vibrant, healthy communities, preserve air quality, provide affordable housing, and promote economic vitality. Infill takes advantage of existing infrastructure, therefore minimizing additional costs to taxpayers. Infill can create the kind of density needed to support public transportation and strong local economies. On the other hand, poorly designed infill can burden neighborhoods and gives density a “bad name,” making it increasingly difficult to create strong, vibrant communities, while outdated policies and regulations can make infill difficult and expensive.

In 2009, Idaho Smart Growth and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) produced a report including model ordinance language and recommendations ranked by priority and held public workshops. You can download the report here, the executive summary here, and the powerpoint presentation here.

In 2011 and 2012, Idaho Smart Growth implemented the quality infill recommendations through Project Incentive.  Project Incentive’s first areas of focus are:

  • Clarifying ex parte guidelines in Idaho; and
  • Piloting a priority area incentive project in Boise.

Click here to read about our work clarifying ex parte guidelines and piloting a priority area incentive project in Boise.

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