Scot Oliver, Executive Director, started working at Idaho Smart Growth in the summer of 2013. Prior to that he served for several years as special projects manager at Capital City Development Corp., Boise’s redevelopment agency, working on sustainable development, neighborhood design, arts and cultural investments, public relations and other projects. Previously he was marketing director at Appalshop, a nonprofit media arts organization based in Kentucky, and media services director at the University of the South in Tennessee. He serves on the ULI Advisory Committee and the boards of Community Transportation Association of Idaho and Radio Boise. Scot earned a bachelor’s degree at Guilford College, a master’s in architecture at the University of Idaho and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Contact Scot


Elaine Clegg, Program Coordinator, joined the Idaho Smart Growth staff in 1998. An Idaho native, she has been an activist in growth management issues in the Boise area since 1984, including serving as neighborhood association board member and president. She was a leader in establishing the Hull’s Gulch Nature Preserve. Elaine has served as a director on many boards and currently serves on COMPASS, Valley Regional Transit, and the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Boards of Directors and on the Idaho Safe Routes to School Advisory Committee. Elaine has researched and authored Idaho Smart Growth publications on Best Practices, Infill and Safe Routes to School. She has most recently been working directly with communities to implement policies related to Safe Routes. Elaine was re-elected to the Boise City Council for her fourth term in 2015 and serves as Council President. She has a B.A. in painting and drawing from Boise State University, is a professional graphic designer, and has attended numerous trainings on planning, smart growth and Safe Routes to School. Contact Elaine


Deanna Smith, Program Coordinator, joined the Idaho Smart Growth staff in 2006 after serving on the Board of Directors since the organization’s inception in 2000. She has served on the East End Neighborhood Association Board of Directors since 1999, including five years as president. Deanna has been involved in community activities since moving to Boise in 1982, working in numerous staff positions in the nonprofit community.  Deanna served as the field director for Neighbors Protecting Idaho, managed two successful city council candidate campaigns and served on the staff of several other electoral campaigns. United Vision for Idaho recognized Deanna as the 2008 “Administrator of the Year.”  The Idaho Business Review recognized Deanna as a “Woman of the Year” in 2012. Deanna earned her B.A. with an emphasis in education and planning from Evergreen State College in 1981. She has attended multiple trainings, workshops and conferences including earning a Charrette Facilitator certificate from the National Charrette Institute and a certificate from Portland State University’s Institute for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation. Contact Deanna

Volunteers and Interns

Idaho Smart Growth has many opportunities for interns and volunteers. Contact if you would like more information.

Volunteers include: Stacey Alexander, Max Stein, Julie & CS Barthlow, Mathew Blandford, Rocky & Mary Bogert, Samantha Boucher, Lisa Brady, Robert Shephard, Sandy & Richard Carter, Jon Cecil, Max Chambers, Sharles Chappell, Amy & Chandler Coleman, Paul Cunningham, Zoe Davis, Sabrina Durtschi, Dennis & Heather Feeney, Pete & Betsy Friedman, Stephen Loop, Miguel Gaddi, Jill Giese, Maureen & Walter Gresham, Kraig & Cheryl Griebenow, Joyce Griffith, Brent Marchbanks, Lisa Hawkes, Zack Herzfeld, Monica Hopkins, Wendy Irwin, Gerri Kawczynski, Tanya Kutterer, Doug Fowler, Donna Fowler, Meryl Lingard, Joanna Madden, Brock & Johanna Martinson, Jennifer Pierce, Lori Porreca, Connie Richardson, Jane Rohling, Sarah Martz, Elke Shaw-Tulloch, Pamela Sheldon, Jordan Swain, Kathryn Almberg, Bruce Van Dusen, Nicholas VanKleek, Kendelle Vogt, Kenneth & Lyn Winer, Riley Youngerman, Stephenson Youngerman, Dan & Dana Zuckerman and Susan Whiting, Diane Kushlan, Diane Ronayne, Joanie Fauci, Jeff Baehr, Bennett Barr, Molly Valceschini , Jane Lloyd, Jenna Nash, David Guiotto, Kyle Prewett, Laurie Barrera, Erik Kingston, Pohley Richey, Benjamin Nelson, Marcus Orton.