Who we are

Idaho Smart Growth is statewide, independent, 501c3 nonprofit offering expertise and tools to keep our communities vibrant and our lands healthy.


Workshops, presentations and trainings on smart growth strategies including planning, design and transportation principles.


Bringing together proponents of well-managed growth and helping them shape policy and impact their communities.


A rich library of books, manuals, and articles as well as technical help to citizens, leaders and planning officials.

What makes a great place to live?

Great communities are walkable, have a healthy mix of land uses and real choices for housing and transportation. They embody a strong sense of place and they preserve the farmland, open spaces and natural beauty around them. Development is compact and efficient, and is encouraged where there are people and services. Development decisions are fast, predictable and fair and they include all stakeholders.

Great places don’t just happen; people make them! Idaho Smart Growth works within the overlap of land use, transportation and community development. We’re a 501c3 nonprofit that helps Idaho communities of all sizes become great places.

What kind of services do we provide?

With many years of experience building coalitions, conducting assessments, completing research and providing training and presentations, Idaho Smart Growth helps planners, elected officials, developers, designers, advocates, health care professionals, teachers, parents and others to create safe, healthy, vibrant communities.

For a list of services we can provide, click here: Idaho Smart Growth Professional Services

What does smart growth mean for me?

Smart growth strategies lead to communities that return positive social, environmental and economic benefits to residents, businesses and visitors alike.

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We collaborate with all three main groups involved in smart growth decisions; owners and developers; government entities; and neighbors and citizens. Here are a few examples of what people are saying about us.
Michael Keyes - testimonial

Michael Keyes

Councilman, City of Star, Idaho

"I recommend the Citizens Planning Academy series to anyone who is interested in how urban areas are planned and managed. The information I receive is timely and valuable in helping me in the planning and code updates my city is currently taking on. Additionally, the networking is invaluable."

Kathy and Len Corless - testimonial

Kathy and Len Corless

Landlords and Developers

"We went to Idaho Smart Growth to get a review of our idea, we got so much more. Meeting with Idaho Smart Growth was the best decision we made! They guided us to think of development with a 20+ year vision, keeping community feel and preserving open space and large growth trees for enjoyment by current and future residents."

Deborah Mullner - testimonial

Deborah Mullner

Boise Resident

"I attend the Citizens Planning Academy to learn more about smart planning and community growth. I have the opportunity to listen to experts of various backgrounds, which is very enriching. I learn more about Boise when I listen to the comments and questions of other attendees. It is encouraging to meet others who are interested in more inclusive city planning."

News and Events

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