2017 CPA Session

  • Planning – more than balancing Property Rights & Regulation: Successful communities plan for their future
    Speaker: Professor Jaap Vos, PhD., University of Idaho
  • LLUPA: Not a new dance – it’s the Local Land Use Planning Act
    Speaker: Professor Stephen Miller, J.D., University of Idaho
  • Comprehensive Planning: What is it?  Why do it?  Does it work?
    Speaker: Patricia Nilsson, Development Services Director, Canyon County
  • Ordinance & Zoning: Understanding the Base Tools for Regulation
    Speaker: Diane Kushlan, Professional Planner
  • DA, PUD, CUP, Area of Impact: The alphabet soup of development bargaining
    Speakers: Hal Simmons, Planning Divisions Director in Boise, and Hethe Clark, Partner at Spink Butler LLC. and Idaho Smart Growth Board Member
  • How and Why to Influence Budgets
    Speakers: Toni Tisdale, Principal Planner at COMPASS, and John Franden, former ACHD Commissioner and Idaho Smart Growth Board Member
  • Smart Growth: The Intersection of Land Use and Transportation
    Speakers: Scot Oliver, Idaho Smart Growth Executive Director, and Todd Shallat, Professor of History and Urban Studies, Boise State University
  • CIM, ITD, Highway Districts, LHTAC, TIP: Navigating the Maze of Transportation
    Speakers: Kelli Badesheim, Executive Director Valley Regional Transit (VRT), and Elaine Clegg, Idaho Smart Growth Program Coordinator
  • TAP & Complete Streets: Road Design that will have you dancing in the streets
    Speakers: Karen Gallagher, City of Boise Associate Transportation Planner, and Deanna Smith, Idaho Smart Growth Program Coordinator
  • Developers Are People Too: How to be more effective by working with developers
    Speakers: Doug Fowler, Founder, President, and CEO of LeNir Ltd., and Bob Taunton, President of Taunton Group, LLC
  • Developing and Presenting Testimony with Impact
    Speakers: Jim Hansen, Ada County Highway District Commissioner, and Jeremy Maxand, Director of Engage Idaho and Votes Idaho