2018 CPA Sessions

  • Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Boise Bike Friendly
    Speaker: Jaap Vos, director of the Urban Design Center at the University of Idaho Boise
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  • Energize Our Neighborhoods: Building Capacity and Empowering Residents to Support and Celebrate Vibrant Neighborhoods
    Speaker: Melinda McGoldrick, Energize our Neighborhoods Program Manager
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  • Housing for All: Disruptors, Challenges, and Strategies for Equity
    Speakers: Shellan Rodriguez, Real Estate Development Manager at CCDC, and Erik Kingston, Housing Resources Coordinator at Idaho Housing Finance Association
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  • NIMBY, YIMBY, or …? Being an Effective, Constructive Advocate in Times of Growth
    Speaker: Deanna Smith, ISG Program Coordinator
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  • Placemaking
    Speaker: Amanda J. Ashley, PhD, Assistant Professor, Boise State University School of Public Service
  • Historic Preservation: Linking Past, Present and Future
    Speaker: Renee Magee, licensed planner and attorney