Happy New Year!

We hope your 2019 is off to a great start! As we embark on the new year, we wanted to take a brief moment to look back. Check out some of the ways Idaho Smart Growth has empowered citizens and activated change from the state to the citizen level in 2018.

Technical Assistance:

Idaho Smart Growth provides technical assistance to communities around the state helping to create safe, healthy, vibrant communities. In 2018, we worked with 5 communities bringing stakeholders together on a variety of projects including: wayfinding plans, comprehensive plans, and neighborhood placemaking. Click here to view examples of this work.

We recently finished work with Idaho Falls, conducting visioning workshops for south downtown. Click to view the full report here. How might we help you? Click for the full list of services.

Grow Smart Awards:

With 114 awards since 2005, the Grow Smart Awards continues to grow, recognizing those working hard to practice smart growth in Idaho.

In 2018, Idaho Smart Growth celebrated 11 projects and people for excellence in smart growth. Click here to view the full list of recipients.

This year, also brought new outreach and programming to celebrate past and current Grow Smart Awards recipients. Click here to read more about the growth of this program.

Safe Routes to School:

In 2018, Idaho Smart Growth held the first ever statewide convening of safe routes workers with 15 coordinators attending. The statewide convening allowed coordinators to learn from each other and to network and build a stronger voice for safe routes. Click here to view notes from the convening.

For more information on our Safe Routes to School program, click here.

Citizens Planning Academy:

In its second year, 44 citizens attended our Citizens Planning Academy (CPA). The Citizens Planning Academy continues to connect citizens to information and tools to become more engaged and better informed advocates.

With 18 sessions since the program began, this year we were excited to add the option for attendees to join the session remotely. We also have recordings of the sessions available on our youtube channel.