Idaho Smart Growth brings people together to create great places to live.

Why Idaho Smart Growth?

Idaho is clearly growing, and will see even more growth in the coming years. This presents a rare moment of opportunity. Our communities can uniquely benefit by applying smart growth principles based on the lessons learned elsewhere. These have proven to work in other states and right here at home. Idaho Smart Growth is a nonprofit, nonpartisan team offering expertise and tools to keep our communities vibrant and our lands healthy.

What we do

  • Educate Idaho citizens about growth issues and choices
  • Build a broad group of Idahoans who support smart growth
  • Implement smart growth policies statewide
  • Help decision-makers and community leaders implement smart growth policies

What we provide

  • Education—workshops, presentations and programs that cover planning, design, transportation principles and other smart growth strategies
  • Information/Assistance—a rich library of books, manuals, and articles as well as technical help to citizens, leaders and planning officials
  • Advocacy/Participation—bringing together proponents of well-managed growth and helping them shape policy and impact their communities