Adopt a Bus Stop

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Adopt a Bus Stop
Photo Credit: Don Kostelec

Do you know of a Bus Stop that could use a little love?

Forlorn. Inhospitable. Forgotten.

Let’s change that!

Adopt a bus stop

Join us and Adopt a Bus Stop!

We invite neighborhood associations, businesses, schools, employers, and individuals to get creative and “Adopt a Bus Stop” during this year’s May in Motion (MiM).

Why May? To build on ACHD Commuteride’s May in Motion (MiM) campaign which is an exploration and celebration of alternative commute options and includes FREE fares on Friday throughout the month of May.

Interested? Here’s how it works:

  • Find partners – If you’re a neighborhood, is there a business that might want to partner with you? Businesses, see about partnering with your neighborhood association.
  • Select where – get VRT’s list of preferred locations they would like to see adopted. Look for chances to partner with nearby businesses/schools/libraries.
  • Decide when – MiM has identified the first week of May for adopt a bus stop, however if other dates work better for you these could occur any time during the month of May.
  • Design your bus stop – What do you want to do for the bus stop? Provide activities? Games? A coffee cart or lemonade stand? Music? Perhaps some amenities – seating, shade, shelter, greenery, bus schedule…. Be sure to follow VRT’s safety guidelines such as tripping hazards, not blocking ramps, keeping access clear, get a list of all guidelines.

Idaho Smart Growth can offer furniture, games and ideas. Be sure to reach out to get the guidelines, be included on the map and get confirmation of approval for location and design!

Contact Idaho Smart Growth to get started:
(208) 333-8066 or email