Book Club: Better Buses Better Cities

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Better Buses book club

Book Club: Better Buses Better Cities

Friday, March 19th at 7 PM MST. Free, streaming online.

Join Idaho Smart Growth on Friday, March 19th at 7pm MST for our first book club discussion. Discussion will be lead by Valley Regional Transit Executive Director Kelli Badesheim.

If you are able, we encourage those that are interested in this topic to also attend The Case for Transit – Who Pays for Buses? / Who Pays for Not Having Buses? event hosted by ULI Idaho on March 11th.

Attend Online:

Join remotely from any internet-connected device. Email to RSVP. Meeting log in information will be shared via email.

About the Book:

Imagine a bus system that is fast, frequent, and reliable—what would that change about your city?

Buses can and should be the cornerstone of transportation. They offer affordable mobility and can connect citizens with every aspect of their lives. But in the US, they have long been an afterthought in budgeting and planning. With a compelling narrative and actionable steps, Better Buses, Better Cities inspires us to fix the bus.

Discussion points:

  • Do you have any notable (good or bad!) bus stories?
  • How have you seen the buses depicted in pop culture and media?
  • What are ways you have observed the walkability/inclusivity of bus service impaired?
  • How could we rethink bus stops as activity centers?
  • The author identified the following seven basic criteria for useful transit service. Do you believe these are the right criteria? Is there anything you’d add or take away?
    • Service goes where you want to go.
    • Service runs frequently enough to not think about it.
    • Service is reasonably fast.
    • Service is reliable.
    • Service is walkable at the final destination.
    • Service is comfortable and safe.
    • Service is affordable.

About the Book Club:

Looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people? Join our book club discussions!

Discussions center of topics related to smart growth, in all its various forms. All discussions take place online and we encourage statewide participation. Gather with your local smart growth book nerds or meet new friends! All are welcome.

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