Book Club

Looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people? Join our book club discussions!

Discussions center on topics related to smart growth, in all its various forms. All discussions take place online and we encourage statewide participation. Gather with your local smart growth book nerds to join or meet new friends! All are welcome.

Book Club

Why a book club?

  • Raise awareness
    • Some people have never heard of smart growth. This book club is a way to bring in new voices to the discussion.
  • Networking
    • Meeting together is an enjoyable and easy way to connect with others around the state. After all, smart growth is about community, right?
  • Brainstorm
    • Broadening beyond those we typically engage with will allow opportunities to hear new ideas and perspectives.
  • Resource Sharing
    • As we read books together there is opportunity to learn tools from other communities around the state.
  • Education
    • There is always more to learn and more to learn from one another.

Questions? Sugguestions?

Feel free to reach out with logistics questions, book suggestions or any other questions or suggestions. Contact Sarah.