Children Pedestrian Safety – 2019 Funded Projects

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Safe Routes to School

The Children Pedestrian Safety (CPS) Program is funded through a portion of the “Surplus Eliminator.” ITD and LHTAC jointly fund the $2M CPS Program with a 60% ITD, 40% local split. This program grants up to $250K to local highway jurisdictions. These maintenance projects focus on the impact to children pedestrians, safety and mobility.

This year, Idaho Smart Growth worked with several communities to strength their CPS applications for funding. Four of the five applicants we worked with were selected for 2019 funding. The communities who were selected for funding will now begin working to create a baseline of information by gathering bicycle and pedestrian counts, and introducing Safe Routes to School events and safety curriculum with support from Idaho Smart Growth.

Applicants we assisted:

City of Emmett – 

Requested funding for the 12th Street corridor connecting Carberry Elementary School with several housing areas. The corridor has disconnected sidewalks and few crossings. The project will fill in some sidewalk gaps and build extruded curb walkways. It will also feature an enhanced crosswalk near the school.

City of Plummer – 

Requested funding for sidewalks on the main off-highway north/south route through town. This route will get students from the school to the Boys and Girls Club and Coeur d’Alene tribal center. It will also serve many others in town who need to access the businesses on this street. 

City of Chubbuck – 

Requested funding for curb ramps, filling in sidewalk gaps, connecting to school pathways, replacing failing sidewalk and enhancing crossings from all four directions serving Chubbuck Elementary School. This part of town had many deficiencies in accessibility and connections; the project will help improve many of them.

City of Soda Springs –   

Requested funding for filling in sidewalk gaps, building new sidewalks and enhancing crossings serving the Thirkill Primary School and the Tigert Middle School in Soda Springs. This project will connect the south side of town.   

We are thrilled for these communities and look forward to working with them further to ensure their projects are successful.

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