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ISG and Preservation Idaho event in Moscow
Idaho Smart Growth and Preservation Idaho members joined forces to celebrate on June 8th. Members filled the 1912 Center in downtown Moscow.

Idaho Smart Growth was in Moscow this past weekend celebrating local Grow Smart Award recipients. The evening was a joint celebration with Preservation Idaho’s 42nd Annual Orchids and Onions event.

While Idaho Smart Growth and Preservation Idaho are distinct in our missions, we also share some key values. Both organizations aspire to preserve and enhance Idaho’s quality of life and both value vernacular architecture, as it contributes to our genuine sense of place.

Perhaps most importantly, both organizations understand how built environments shape and are shaped by the people who inhabit them.

Another big thing we share with Preservation Idaho is the debt we both owe to Charles Hummel.

Renowned Idaho architect, preservationist and civic leader; co-founded Idaho Smart Growth in 2000.

In 2010, the Idaho Smart Growth board created the Charles Hummel Award to honor those who exemplify Charles’ commitment to the built environment, civic engagement and personal integrity.

In attendance at our Moscow celebration were two of our past Charles Hummel recipients, both deeply connected with our event and the missions of our two organizations.

As a board member for both Idaho Smart Growth and Preservation Idaho, Renee Magee, served as another connection between the two organizations. Renee, from Idaho Falls, was a recipient of the Charles Hummel Award in 2016. In anticipation of our joint celebration, Renee said:

“I have always felt historic preservation is Smart Growth. Historic preservation encourages the reuse of older neighborhoods and infrastructure. Looking at the list of Moscow Grow Smart Award projects, many were about using the existing buildings and infrastructure as well as preserving (yes, perhaps remodeling) elements of Moscow’s past.”

Nancy Chaney (left) was honored as a 2015 recipient of the Charles Hummel Award. Nancy and fellow Idaho Smart Growth and Preservation Idaho board member Renee Magee (right) are pictured here with representatives from the city of Moscow who were honored for their involvement in several Grow Smart Award projects.

Nancy Chaney was honored as a local Moscow recipient of the Charles Hummel award in 2015. Nancy grew up in Boise before moving to Moscow. She attended Boise State University, where she earned a degree in nursing and psychology. She also earned a master’s in environmental science from the University of Idaho.

Nancy worked as an archaeologist, a nurse, an advocate, a Moscow city council member and she served two terms as Moscow’s mayor. Nancy worked with her husband Gary on their business, and healthcare-related roles, volunteering with Idaho Smart Growth and other nonprofits. She also currently serves as a board member for Idaho Smart Growth.

With her background and connections to so many of the Grow Smart Award projects in Moscow, Nancy served as the perfect master of ceremonies to introduce and celebrate the six other Moscow Grow Smart Award recipients including several led by the city of Moscow under her tenure.

Moscow Grow Smart Award recipients recognized included:

  • The Silos – 2005 More info
  • Green Building Program – 2006 More info
  • Jackson Street Grain Elevators – 2008 More info
  • Moscow Active Living Task Force – 2012 More info
  • Legacy Crossing Urban Redevelopment Project – 2013 More info
  • Moscow Intermodal Transit Center – 2014 More info
  • Nancy Chaney – Charles Hummel Award – 2015 More info

Preservation Idaho’s Onions and Orchids honorees as well as Idaho Smart Growth’s Grow Smart Award recipients are examples worthy of celebration and emulation, and we were pleased with the opportunity for our two organizations to come together and celebrate the great work and accomplishments presented by these honorees.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend this event. As small nonprofits working throughout our great state, both Idaho Smart Growth and Preservation Idaho rely on our member support. Thank you to each and every one of you who help us continue our work maintaining Idaho communities as distinctive places, and great places to live.

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