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Could your community use a Crash Course?

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The Good News: We had 9 fewer fatal crashes and 11 fewer people killed at a time when Idaho’s population is growing and we are driving more miles than ever.

The Bad NewsCrashes involving people walking or biking have increased.

People walking and biking are at a growing risk for crashes with people driving according to Idaho Transportation Department’s (ITD) crash data.

The vulnerability of people walking or biking is great, and almost any contact with a motor vehicle results in injury.

Idaho Smart Growth and Idaho Walk Bike Alliance have teamed up to offer courses in safe walking, biking and driving to improve our understanding of how to safely share the roads.


With funding from ITD’s Office of Highway Safety and generous sponsors these courses are offered at no charge to the community.

If your community is ready to take action, we encourage you to contact us to learn more and bring a crash course to your community.

Project Goals

The goal is help reduce the number of crashes by improving safety for people walking and biking through education and better understanding of ways to improve infrastructure for safety.

Project Activities

The Crash Course project provides a number of safety education and engagement activities that measurably improve the knowledge and skills of people walking, biking and driving about proper use of the road and how to share it. Below are the project activities. Each community is unique and will require different strategies. Contact Deanna to discuss your community needs.

  • Walkable Communities
    Explores the elements that make a community walkable.
  • Smart Cycling
    Teaches how to bike safely, confidently, and comfortably on the street.
  • Drivers’ Education
    Helps drivers better understand other road users and their responsibility for their safety.
  • Community Networks
    Network assessment and an opportunity to demonstrate potential design changes.
  • Online Game
    #RoadRights game teaches players about the best and safest behaviors on the roadway.

More information

Project Lead – Deanna Smith
(208) 333-8066

Community Sponsorship

Imagine [YOUR LOGO HERE]! We are looking for sponsors to bring crash courses to communities throughout Idaho. If you or your organization are interested, please contact us.