Wildfire Planning

Wildfire Planning

Planning for wildfire at the edge of development


Idaho Department of Lands, University of Idaho and Idaho Smart Growth teamed up to conduct one-day community workshops to review and assess level of wildfire preparedness, identify additional strategies to pursue and create an action plan.

For the selected communities, Idaho Smart Growth reviewed existing wildfire preparedness plans asking the questions: were all stakeholders involved with developing the community’s wildfire protection plan? If multiple wildfire planning efforts are these connected? Are all agencies collaborating on wildfire planning?

Have opportunities for improvements been identified if a fire does come to their community? Is additional planning needed/wanted to improve wildfire preparedness and resiliency? Who needs to be needs to be further engaged?

Wildfire is no longer something that happens only in wildlands. City planners, fire and police, mayors and citizens all have role to play in making their community ready in the event of a wildfire.

Wildfire planning resources:


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