Garden City Walking Tour

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Garden City porch party Deanna speaking
Deanna gathering our group together to share news of this year’s GSA recipients.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our second annual Walking Tour and Porch Party. We are had a great time touring prior Grow Smart Award projects in Garden City.

As is the tradition we started last year, we officially announced the 2019 Grow Smart Awards during the porch party. Read about this year’s recipients here.

Follow our tour route!

Want to go on your own tour of these projects? Above is the map image and Google maps walking directions. Enjoy!

Michael Shepard of Neighborworks Boise touring 36 Oak.

Stop #1: 36 Oak

36 Oak received a Grow Smart Award in 2016 and was the initial project of NeighborWorks “pocket neighborhood” development. 36 Oak features a mix of housing options and provides density without overwhelming the surrounding neighborhood.

Jim Neill told the story behind his project, the Waterfront District.

Stop #2: The Waterfront District

The Waterfront District was the recipient of a Grow Smart Award in 2006. This project encompassed mixed use development with a mix of housing options and created vitality and population density to support existing infrastructure.

Lindsey Erb shared the story behind the Artisans Wayfinding.

Stop #3: Artisans Wayfinding

Artisans Wayfinding received a Grow Smart Award in 2018 and serves to connects people with places by tapping into Garden City’s emerging artist community and the new restaurants, breweries and wineries attracting visitors.

Jodi Eichelberger shared the story behind Surel’s Place, it’s history and current story and the role Surel played in shaping the Garden City of today.

Stop #4: Surel’s Place

Surel’s Place received a Grow Smart Award in 2015. Surel Mitchell was an early artistic pioneer in Garden City. Surel’s Place continues her legacy serving as an artist-in-residence home, studio and gallery. Surel’s Place was a catalyst to bring new atmosphere to the area and continues to serve as a source of community identity and pride.

Back on the porch at Push and Pour, Hannah Ball shared her story of working towards the next phase of smart growth in Garden City.

Stop #5: Garden City Comp Plan & Development Code

The comprehensive plan and development code helped to set the stage for these (and future!) smart growth projects.

Though we didn’t have a physical location for these two awards, city representatives shared the story of Garden City’s Comprehensive Plan, which received an award in 2006 and the Development Code which received an award in 2008.

The Eleven goals of the comprehensive plan advocate for smart growth, and the plan also includes 135 action steps. The Development Code assured the city would follow its Comp Plan and develop using smart growth principles.

Our tour group in from of 36 Oak. Thanks for joining us!
A big thank you to the Garden City Urban Renewal Agency for sponsoring the event!