Grow Smart Awards 2017

The Afton

The first multifamily housing project in Boise’s Cultural District, Phase 1 of The Afton is a six-story mixed-use building that includes 27 condominiums, internal parking and 4,000 square feet of retail. The project replaced empty warehouses and parking lots with downtown living that is within easy walking distance to a variety of shopping, recreation and cultural destinations.

Boise Transportation Action Plan

The city of Boise created the TAP as a “road map” to an active, multimodal transportation system. It serves as a visionary guide for the city’s strategic objectives and priorities for transportation and development planning and engagement. More than anything, the TAP is a tool to educate leaders, businesses and citizens about a transportation system that “provides real mobility choices and creates great places.” See the plan here.

City Center Plaza

The City Center Plaza is a 380,000-square-foot five- and 10-story mixed-use project that filled in the last undeveloped parcel in the Grove Plaza, the heart of Boise’s downtown. It comprises retail, restaurants, offices, Boise State University’s computer science department, expansion of the convention center and Main Street Station—Boise’s new multimodal transit center. The project is recognized for its strong public-private partnerships, the creative reuse of a challenging site, a wide mix of uses and support of transportation choices.

West Little Avenue

Driggs is a small town and the county seat of Teton County that for years has been dealing with growth pressure from nearby Jackson Hole. This project is a complete-streets renovation that packs a lot of transportation, economic, environmental and aesthetic improvements into its two-block length. It connects Driggs’ main street (also a state highway) with the west part of town, including the county courthouse. The work featured much community involvement that informed a wide range of design decisions including sidewalks, bike lanes, landscaping, pedestrian amenities, parking, public art, civic space, signage and green stormwater treatment.

Dale Bates

Charles Hummel Award

The Charles Hummel Award is given by the Idaho Smart Growth Board of Directors in honor of architect, civic leader and Idaho Smart Growth cofounder Charles Hummel.

The 2017 award is given to Dale Bates, architect and community leader in Ketchum. Dale is honored for his long involvement with the city’s improvements in urban design, affordable housing, public art and open spaces, walkability and community development.

Dale Bates was interviewed by ISG board member Sharon Patterson-Grant on why smart growth strategies matter. See that interview here: