Grow Smart Awards 2020

10th and Main

The renovation of one of the oldest mixed-use buildings in the heart of downtown Boise, now known as “Tenth and Main”, unearthed a hidden architectural gem. Built in the 1920s, it is likely the first reinforced concrete building in Boise and remains structurally solid and intact. Rather than demolishing the existing building, the design team’s goal was a full building transformation and a revitalization of the block.

The upper floors and fifth-story addition were stripped of previous remodel materials revealing and celebrating the industrial beauty of the building’s original core as well as adding energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, a new elevator, and bringing the building into the 21st century in terms of comfort, safety, and accessibility. To better represent the design of that era, the building’s previously enclosed U-shaped courtyard was newly exposed within the interior of the building. A rooftop deck was also added to provide a valuable tenant amenity in this very urban place.

This project supports the walkability of the emerging neighborhood along 10th and Main Street by providing more places for residents to eat, shop and work. This activation along with the building’s unique character increases the sense of community. Idaho Smart Growth commends 10th and Main for bringing this once vacant building to full occupancy and reactivating this busy street corner.

Future Public School

Future Public School is a new charter school built in the heart of Garden City, Idaho. Built as a collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club and the City. The success of this project illustrates what is possible when strong partnerships come together.

Typically, the challenge with constructing schools within a neighborhood is scarcity of land, but through these partnerships the school was able to maximize limited space while providing enhanced opportunities for its students. The school funded construction of a new cafeteria for the Boys and Girls Club that the school uses during lunchtime, on property provided by the City, and the school has use of the Boys and Girls Club gym. Drop-offs and pick-ups can occur at the Boys and Girls Club, providing a safe and comfortable place for students outside of school hours. Both Future and Boys and Girls Club use the City’s Riverfront Park for their playground and outdoor activities.

The school helps complete the sense of place envisioned in city planning and as a neighborhood anchor it will help catalyze and define redevelopment in the surrounding area. Locating the school inside the neighborhood makes it very walkable and bikeable and it’s close location to the greenbelt will support these modes. Idaho Smart Growth commends Future Public School for it’s understanding of the role site selection plays in smart growth and for illustrating what is possible when strong partnerships come together.

Hays Street Community

The redevelopment of this historic, 1920 single family home illustrates what is possible with vision and persistence. This project created three residential units where there was one and added live-work to one of the units in an historic district, all while preserving and respecting the historic character of both the original home and the neighborhood.

With a walk score of 89 and a bike score 96, this location is ideal for a residential and business mix allowing easy access to all that downtown has to offer without ever getting in a car. By creating three residential units where there was one, this infill project uses existing infrastructure and by doing so helps protect farmland and open spaces.

Transitioning this single family home into a multi-family home with a live-work unit also creates housing diversity. Additionally both the remodel of the original home as well as the new structure include many energy saving aspects protecting our environment into the future. The jury especially appreciated how this showcased an example of how a small project can create significant impact.

Idaho Smart Growth commends Hays Street Community for illustrating that it is possible to preserve historic homes and their already strong sense of place, while increasing the low densities that often occur in residential historic districts. We hope this project will guide others in the future to follow this example.

Steve Lockwood

This award is given by the Idaho Smart Growth Board of Directors in honor of Charles Hummel. This year the board selected Steve Lockwood.

Steve unfortunately left us this year in February. Though he is no longer with us, his legacy of service and advocacy lives on. We were genuinely lucky to have had him as an advocate in our state.

It’s hard to imagine someone who embodied the integrity of Charles Hummel more and practiced smart growth so fully. Steve took seriously the business of being part of a community. From developing one of our first Grow Smart awarded projects in Sandpoint to board and community service and so much more. Steve practiced smart growth principles in every aspect of his life. Idaho will surely miss his leadership.