Grow Smart Awards

Grow Smart Awards 2019

The Grow Smart Awards were established in 2005 to recognize exemplary efforts in planning and development that help create great places to live. Award recipients illustrate smart growth principles in a variety of ways. Recipients are selected by a jury of community leaders and industry professionals. Jury members are selected based on an illustration of solid knowledge of smart growth principles.

We hold the annual awards program in the fall of each year to recognize awarded projects.

Awarded projects and plans are plotted on the map above.

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Charles Hummel Award

The Charles Hummel Award is an award given by the Idaho Smart Growth Board of Directors to leaders who have exemplified dedication to and implementation of smart growth principles in their careers and lives, reflecting a respect for place as well as for design and function.

Charles Hummel
Pete O’Neill
Stephen Meyer
Ken Howell
Jane Lloyd
Nancy Chaney
Renée Magee
Dale Bates
Doug Fowler
ElJay Waite
Steve Lockwood

President’s Award

Prior to the establishment of the Charles Hummel Award, Idaho Smart Growth staff and board gave out the President’s award to a project or person exemplifying smart growth principles as part of the Grow Smart Awards.

Caldwell City Center Revitalization Plan
Banner Bank
Bown Crossing
Frank Martin
Sherry McKibben

Congratulations to the 2019 Grow Smart Award recipients! Accepting the awards were (L-R): Jim Bennet – Lewiston City Library & 5th St Reconstruction, Brooke Green – Kootenai Street Traffic Calming Plan, Doug Holloway – Boise River Greenbelt, Jackie Aymon – McCall in Motion, ElJay Waite – Charles Hummel.

They are joined in the picture by Idaho Smart Growth Board President Wyatt Johnson and our featured speaker, Robert Liberty.