Join us

When: May 13 from 1:00-3:00 PM

Where: Snake River Room at the Boise Centre on the Grove

Help Develop an Action Plan

To Improve Safety, Mobility and Access

For All Road Users

Please join this interactive Friday afternoon extra session where participants will brainstorm an action plan to advocate for safer and better transportation. This plan will address how to work with transportation professionals at local and state agencies and how to push for changes from the grassroots.

Transportation has been built through communities for too long, understanding that we can and should build great places and communities through transportation is the first step. Learning how to effectively advocate with your local transportation agency to achieve that vision is next. This afternoon workshop will deeply explore reaching success through shared examples, interactive discussion and activities to develop a plan of action.

Learn from one of the foremost national experts in this field the information, strategies and messages most likely to spur positive interest and action from transportation professionals and develop action ideas with other advocates.


Gary Toth, Senior Director at the Project for Public Spaces and Author of a Citizens Guide to Better Streets How to engage your Transportation Agency, has dedicated much of his career to creating more walkable cities and streets. As project manager and engineering director with the New Jersey Department of Transportation, and now with PPS, he combines his experience and engineering skills in promoting people centered street and road design.



This session is a brought to you by the partnership between the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance and Idaho Smart Growth



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