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Over 500 Bike Helmets Distributed to Children in Moscow!

Usually, every summer the Safety Fair Committee in Moscow comes together to hold an Annual Safety Fair for the kids with a bike rodeo and a helmet giveaway. The Committee is a group of community partners including the Moscow Police Department, the Moscow School District, Moscow SRTS, and business owners. The safety fair was canceled last summer and again this summer due to Covid19. The Committee decided to work together anyway to purchase helmets and visit the schools to give them away. Traditionally the helmets would have been given away at the safety fair. This method was a lot more work with more moving parts but met the same objective of getting kids a helmet for safe summer bike riding.

The Committee pooled money together from the School District, Moscow Police Department, Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Safe Routes to School, and other community partners to purchase bike helmets; and with the support of Dr. Bailey, the Moscow School District Superintendent, the Committee visited each Moscow School and fit bike helmets to over 500 children!  You can see the details below:

  • May 19th: Bike to School Day at St. Mary’s School, 28 helmets distributed.
  • May 27th and 28th: Palouse Prairie School, bike education course in the school parking lot and helmet fitting in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade PE, 26 helmets distributed. 
  • June 1st: Moscow Middle School. Helmet and Bike Safety Education in all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade PE and Health classes (448 students total), 118 helmets distributed. 
  • June 2nd: Also at Moscow Middle School, bike ride down F street to Mt. View Park back to Eisenhower to D St. and back to the Middle School. 141 students participated. 21 additional helmets were distributed because many helmets that were brought were identified as being old, broken, or too small. 
  • June 3rd and 4th: West Park, 48 helmets distributed.  
  • June 3rd and 4th: Russell, 85 helmets distributed.  
  • June 7th and 8th: Lena Whitmore, 58 helmets distributed.  
  • June 7th and 8th: McDonald, 125 helmets distributed.

Total helmets: 509 each adjusted, and custom-fitted to each of the recipients!