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Scot Oliver

As you know, Idaho Smart Growth is turning 20 in 2020–it’s a very exciting time. At the start of our third decade, many of you have told us that the need for ISG is stronger than ever before–and that was before COVID-19 and its impacts.

The strategic planning process is the perfect time to consider leadership changes, and sometimes it provides an opportunity for the executive officer to step aside and open up more possibilities for consideration. It’s what my predecessor did and it’s what I’m doing now.
I’m writing to let you know that I’m retiring from ISG today. It’s been an exciting ride for me and an amazing opportunity! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you during the past seven years. Together we have accomplished much to help make safer and healthier Idaho communities. Thank you all so much for these good times!
I’ve been honored to work for an excellent board of directors and I’m eager to see the vision they will come up with. It’s worth remembering that they give their time, talents and treasure to ISG as volunteers, too often without recognition or thanks. I encourage you to join me in thanking our board president, Michelle Groenevelt, and all of the board members, for their commitment and their hard work with the strategic plan. And please join me in renewing our own commitments to the organization. I’m looking forward to turning my attention to a number of other projects that have been pushed aside for a long time, but I will always support ISG. This work is too important not to.
See you soon!

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