Next 20 Founder’s Circle

What will growth look like in Idaho over the NEXT 20 years? 

Join our NEXT 20 Founder’s Circle to make sure smart growth is a part of that conversation. 

After 20 years of accomplishments, Idaho Smart Growth is moving into a new phase (our NEXT 20) and we recognize the need to do more. Our Founders will provide the critical financial sustainability to ensure Idaho Smart Growth can grow to meet the needs of our state. 

Our goal is to raise $40,000.

$20,000 from the business community + $20,000 from individual members like YOU. 

We are looking for 85 individuals to pledge $20 per month (or $240 annually) and join our NEXT 20 Founder’s Circle. Your $20 per month commitment will be matched by our NEXT 20 business partners and will provide the support needed to further develop our education offerings and bring smart growth training and education throughout the state.

The NEXT 20 Founder’s Circle is a community of smart growth supporters and are recognized as such in our outreach and on our website. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to contribute by brainstorming and assessing the organizational strategy, and creating a network of individuals inspired and influenced by the work of Idaho Smart Growth.