Public Input Needed for Capitol Boulevard Project

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ACHD is taking public input on Capitol Boulevard from the Depot to the future Royal Blvd intersection. Whether you use Capitol regularly or simply want to encourage ACHD to make walking and biking safer, please go online and take their survey or send them comments. The comment period closes November 18th.

Concept 1: Center Running Bike Lane – This approach can work when connected with a larger network design, but that is not the case here. As a result, in this concept the connectivity bicyclists is quite poor at every access point. With no connection to Capitol north of the river, this option presumes they want to exit to the Greenbelt and 8th Street. If they don’t, they must use a vehicle lane.

Concept 2: One-Way Protected Bike Lanes – This is our preferred proposal. It provides the best connectivity and separation of modes. However, this option will need a clear transition for both cyclists and motorists where it merges with the bike lane on Capitol north of the river.

Concept 3: Shared Use Paths (in place of sidewalks) – This approach works best when the pathway is at least 12’, with one-half dedicated to people on bikes and one-half to people walking. It would need to integrate well into the larger bike and roadway network with crossings and connections on and off the street for bikes. It should be designed so that people on bikes are not required to cross at traffic signals as pedestrians. For safe and clear connectivity, this concept needs to continue on the east side all the way to the bike lane on Capitol north of the river.

Concept 4: Two-way protected bike lane – This concept does not connect well to the bike lane, Capitol, BSU, or for people biking to and from the pathway on Federal Way or north on Vista.

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