Remembering Steve Lockwood

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It was with real sadness that we learned of the death of Steve Lockwood last month at his winter home in Tucson. Steve and his wife Molly O’Reilly have long been strong supporters of Idaho Smart Growth and Steve served on our board of directors from 2008 to 2016. Steve and Molly lived in Sandpoint most of the year and their home and hospitality was often a welcome gift to ISG staff and friends on our work trips to the area. We will miss his commitment and generous spirit.

Steve Lockwood

Steve was a native of Portland and attended Reed College before a successful career with AT&T. After retirement he and Molly settled in north Idaho two decades ago, where he served on the school board, the Sandpoint Planning and Zoning Commission, the City Council and the urban renewal agency. He was an active member of a number of local and statewide organizations involved in conservation, historical preservation, the arts, and growth and transportation issues.

Steve was the developer of the Park Cottages in Sandpoint, which received a Grow Smart Award in 2005. The project comprises a cluster of 16 compact, affordable, high-performance and high-quality housing at the edge of downtown, designed by another ISG friend, architect Bruce Millard.

It’s hard to imagine someone who more embodied the principles of smart growth. He took seriously the business of being part of a community. In all his encounters, Steve was smiling, thoughtful and polite. Even if he disagreed with you, you never felt disrespected.

Current ISG Board President Michelle Groenevelt said of Steve, “He was incredibly passionate about [ISG] and the work; he would fly down to Boise to attend meetings! He had a lot of experience, and brought a strong north Idaho perspective to the board, but he always had a real openness to share and to learn.”

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