Community Plans

Idaho Smart Growth has worked directly with Idaho communities of all sizes. We have produced plans designed to help create great places to live, work and play that are based on local experience, budgets and needs.

Please see the list below to view some of the work we’ve done.


Hired by the North End Neighborhood Association in Boise, Idaho Smart Growth hosted community workshops to envision a future for a two-block property for sale.

Booth Home Visioning Report

Developed with Pocatello Regional Transit and Bannock Transportation Planning Organization, Idaho Smart Growth presented recommendations for the Pocatello Regional Transit Master Plan based on an analysis of existing community and transit service conditions and public and stakeholder outreach.

Pocatello Regional Transit Master Plan (appendices available upon request)

Created a visioning plan for Idaho Falls south downtown area, in cooperation with the Greater Idaho Falls Association of REALTORS and the city’s planning department.

Idaho Falls South Downtown

Under contract to the city of Sandpoint, we helped deliver outreach and market analysis for Sandpoint’s plan for purchase and redevelopment of a prime property owned by the University of Idaho.

Sandpoint Boyer property plan


Collaborated with the city of Dover on their comprehensive plan update.

Dover Comprehensive Plan


Idaho Smart Growth partnered with McKibben & Cooper Architects to complete a placemaking project in the growing Barber Valley area east of downtown Boise. The project’s goal was to bring residents, property owners and business people together to envision opportunities for making better places within the valley.

Barber Valley Placemaking Report


We partnered with Vitruvian planning to complete in-depth pedestrian and bicycle network plans for three communities. These plans have detailed recommendations and community priorities for getting the work completed.

Kootenai Plan
Ponderay Plan
Blackfoot Plan

We partnered with Project for Public Spaces with funding from Association of Ada County Realtors (ACAR) through a National Association Realtors grant to create this placemaking action plan for Downtown Meridian. The Plan emphasizes “lighter, quicker, cheaper” implementable actions.

Meridian Placemaking Plan


Our assistance in 2013-14 focused on helping communities develop action plans for better serving all transportation users, especially pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users. Some communities directed attention to schools and others concentrated on moving people to all important destinations in town. As always we examined the existing policies to determine strengths and challenges.

Aberdeen Final Action Plan – Aberdeen
Caldwell Final Action Plan – Caldwell
Kamiah Final Action Plan – Kamiah
Lapwai Final Action Plan – Lapwai
Mackay Final Action Plan – Mackay
Menan Final Action Plan – Menan
Mud Lake Final Action Plan – Mud Lake
Pocatello Write Up final – Pocatello
Rathdrum Final Action Plan – Rathdrum
Sandpoint Final Action Plan – Sandpoint
SRTS 2012-13 Executive Summary Final


From 2010-12 ISG focused in two areas: planning for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) by examining existing conditions and policies and developing priorities; organizing and facilitating Active Living Task Forces in five communities aimed at improving the ability to move around the community actively by developing Complete Streets. As part of this work we published a “Citizen’s Guide on Smart Growth,” a “Case Study” of the five Complete Streets communities and a “Handbook of Best Practices” for SRTS.


Safe Routes to School BP final
Safe Routes to School City Policy Review
SR2S Technical Assistance Report – Caldwell
SR2S Technical Assistance Report – Kimberley
SR2S Technical Assistance Report – Potlatch
Citizens Guide on Smart Growth
Complete Streets, Case Studies from five Idaho communities