Road Rights Question #43

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Road Rights Question 43

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Image Credit: ITD Rules of the Road

The Question:

The above picture shows a bicyclist arriving at an intersection without signals and a man standing at the corner with a red tipped white cane. The man standing at the corner looks as if he is intending to cross the street. Is the bicyclist required to wait for him to cross the street?

The Answer: YES

A legally blind or blind/deaf pedestrian planning to cross the street does not have to actually step into the street to “establish” right-of-way, as other pedestrians do, their presence alone establishes right-of-way over vehicles. The bicyclist “…must exercise due care to avoid colliding with the pedestrian.” If this means stopping and waiting for the pedestrian to cross the street then you, the bicyclist, must do so.

This answer is based onĀ Idaho state codeĀ 49-706; 49-615.

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