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Image Credit: ITD Rules of the Road

The Question:

The above picture shows a bicyclist riding legally in the center of a narrow busy street. They are not traveling the speed limit. Must the bicyclist move to the far right side of the lane if the space becomes available to allow a motor vehicle to pass safely?

The Answer: DEPENDS

A bicyclist riding at less than the speed of traffic is required to move as close as practical to the right curb or edge of the roadway unless there is a hazard requiring that the rider maintain position in the lane. As soon as the hazard is passed the bicyclist must move to the right (or, at the bicyclist’s option, to the left on a one-way street) to allow the driver to proceed but may reclaim the entire lane when there are no overtaking vehicles being slowed down. The bicyclist need not move over when the lane is too narrow to pass safely side by side. Cooperation with overtaking vehicles is the key to assuring a smooth and safe sharing of the lane. Remember when passing a bicyclist to slow down and provide a minimum of 3-feet of distance.

This answer is based on Idaho state code 49-717 (1)(2).

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