#RoadRights launches monthly raffle

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Do you know how to share the road safely?

Each week, the #RoadRights online game poses a right of way scenario to test your road safety knowledge.

The weekly questions are real, relevant, and relatable to people walking, biking and driving throughout the state, covering a range of situations, both rural and urban.

The Issue:

  • Every 40 minutes a person in Idaho was injured on roads in 2019.
  • The challenge of sharing our roadways increases with more road users.
  • Crashes involving people walking or biking have been increasing in Idaho.

Crashes can be avoided by making simple behavior changes that respect others on the road, especially vulnerable users. The game is in quiz format with multiple choice questions and answers explain the safest way to handle the scenario. New this year! Enter your email when answering to be entered into a monthly raffle for a $25 cash prize!  

Now that spring is here, and more of us are getting outside walking and biking, it’s time to refresh our safety know-how. Play the weekly game to make sure you’re sharing the road safely with all users PLUS enter for your chance to win $25.

Why is Idaho Smart Growth involved?

Smart growth encompasses a variety of elements all with the aim of creating great places to live. Since 2000, Idaho Smart Growth has collaborated with partners around the state working towards this mission.

As our state continues to grow, the urgency of smart growth and the desire to preserve and enhance our quality of life becomes more apparent. Idaho Smart Growth partnered with the ITD’s Office of Highway Safety on this #RoadRights game to work towards more road safety as we continue our mission of creating great places to live.