Smart Pandemic Pivots – April 20

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Smart Pandemic Pivots
Smart Pandemic Pivots

Smart Pandemic Pivots

Monday, April 20th at 12 PM. Free, streaming online.

Join Idaho Smart Growth on Monday, April 20th for the first of the new “Smart Pandemic Pivots” series.

The Pivot Point: Transportation

As the US Congress looks to offer further support for recovery, they will likely address transportation infrastructure. Already there are calls for a “Great Recession-like stimulus.” Some are identifying their “shovel-ready” transportation projects so that we can get back to business as usual. Others are asking what is the new usual we want and how/where to best target any investments. Additionally, there is a new recognition that up to date water and sewer systems are integral to public health. 

This presentation will explore; What is the new usual you would like to see? How can we collectively influence that? 

Attend Online:

Join remotely from any internet-connected device. Email to RSVP. Meeting log in information will be shared via email.

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About the Series:

As the United States begins to recover from the COVID-19 health emergency our communities are asking themselves what we have learned in the past few months. Our air is cleaner, so is our water, the slower pace of life is refreshing. This has unleashed a desire to look at the future not just as more of the past but as a new beginning. One that reflects the lessons of the past few months and rebuilds our communities as they reopen into better places. 

This new lunchtime series will explore that desire and offer a chance for discovery and discussion.

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