The financial support of our members is critical to our work. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and contributions are acknowledged as charitable donations for tax purposes. All levels receive access to member-only events, member discounts and name on website. We also have occasional event and publication sponsorships available. Automatic monthly donations are especially welcome. Contact us for more information.

Organization Members

Leadership Partners ($1,000+)

American Heart Association, Idaho REALTORS®

Grow Smart Awards sponsors at this level: Angstman Johnson, Capital City Development Corp, Givens Pursley, Harris Ranch, Idaho Power

Sustaining Partners ($500-$999)

Angstman Johnson, SEM Consulting

Grow Smart Awards sponsors at this level: Bitter Creek/Red Feather, Clark Wardle, CSHQA, Garden City Urban Renewal Agency, Hale Development, William Caldwell

Action Partners ($250-$499)

Clark Wardle, Eco Edge, Jane and Bill Lloyd, McKibben + Cooper Architects, Urban Land Development

Grow Smart Awards sponsors at this level: Andersen Construction, ACHD, City of Boise – Parks and Recreation, City of Boise – Planning and Development Services, City of Caldwell, erstad ARCHITECTS, Logan Simpson

Supporting Partners ($100-$249)

Active West Builders LLC, Agnew & Beck Consulting, City of Caldwell, City of Lewiston, City of McCall, City of Moscow, D.L. Evans Bank, Flying M, NeighborWorks Boise, Retail West

Individual Members

Leaders ($1,000+)

Gary and Liz Allen, Doug and Donna Fowler, Scot Oliver, James Tomlinson

Sustainers ($500-$999)

Janet and Russ Buschert, Scot and Christina Ludwig, Sarah Martz

Action Partners ($250-$499)

Ben Casiano, Tom and Laurie Corrick, Rob and Jackie Hopper, Linda Perez and Roger Malinowski, Michael Morey, Mark and Becky Uranga

Supporters ($100-$249)

Ryan Armbruster, Beverly Barker, Warren Barrash, Jill Baum, Carl and Gloria Bianchi, Dave and Susan Butzier, Nancy Chaney and Gary Bryan, Elaine Clegg, Pam Conley and Mike Beaty, Joe Corlett, Jane Dunbar, Susan and Bill Eastlake, Pam Fraser, Melissa and Chris Galli, Sharon Patterson Grant, Jeremy Grimm, Michelle Groenevelt, Ann Stites Hausrath, Charles Herrington and Ilene Schell, Barbara and Bob Howard, Ken Howell, Jeff Kuhns and Rebecca Mills, Renee Magee, Jody and Mark Meier, Mark Mering and Laura Tirrell, Jamie Morgan, Deborah Mullner, Jenna Nash, Molly O’Reilly, Kathy Pennisi, Rich and Hilary Rayhill, Richard Raimondi, Ann and Lars Sandven, Gregg Servheen and Alison Squier, Pam Sheldon, Rick and Carole Skinner, Bob and Kathy Taunton, Nancy Taylor, Warren Weihing, Mary Beth Whitaker, Susan Whiting, Jaap Vos

Advocates ($50-$99)

Jeff Baehr, Adam Bass, Steve Benner, Chris Brown, Janie Burns and Lori Steele, Sandy and Richard Carter, Wendy Carver-Herbert, Brent Danielson, Betsy Dunklin and Chip Cole, Dennis and Joy Erb, Lindsay Erb, Cynthia Gibson, David Guiotto, Gary Hanes, Lynn and Mark Hofflund, Kay Hummel and Jeff Fereday, Emilie Jackson-Edney, Jeffrey Jacobs, Laura Jendro, Nora Locken and Arjan Meddens, Cynthia McCaene, Alexandra Monjar, Nathan Murray, Patricia and Mark Nilsson, Ken and Lisa Schneider, Kenneth Sherman, Susan Rench, Shellan Rodriguez, Todd Shallat, Chris Staley, Joanie Fauci and Gary Tanner, Bob Vestal and Jyl Hoyt, Rachel Winer and Tim Breuer, Thomas Zabala

Friends ($35-$49)

Emil Berg, Carol Casler, Elizabeth Conner, Kathy and Len Corless, Susan Koskinen Coburn, Kristen McNeill, Kate Rodriguez, Barbara Shinn, Kenneth and Lyn Winer