Wildfire Planning and Preparedness

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table rock fire

2016 Boise Table Rock Fire, above, from Harris Ranch; below, aerial view the day after.

Community wildfire planning is a leading smart growth issue of our time.

As Idaho continues its growth streak, development encroaches into areas where wildfires historically occur. Fire is a critical natural process—it’s only a disaster when people or property are harmed. Wildfire planning and preparedness is more important than ever.

This coming year Idaho Smart Growth will join the Idaho Department of Lands, University of Idaho and Boise State University to conduct workshops around the state that will bring professional expertise to local communities to discuss wildfire preparedness planning, share strategies to minimize impacts and planning for post-event recovery.

Creating great places to live means places that are resilient in the face of hazards.
Will you help expand our work with Idaho communities to plan for wildfire?

Photo: top KBOI; above Aaron Hassemer.

The costs of wildfire have never been higher. Your support has never been more important. Please consider a tax-deductible year-end contribution to Idaho Smart Growth so we can do more with Idaho communities on wildfire planning—and the rest of our smart growth activities. You can help shape the future and protect what makes Idaho so special.

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