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The Grow Smart Awards were established in 2005 to recognize exemplary efforts in planning and development that help create great places to live. Award winners illustrate smart growth principles in a variety of ways.

Winners are selected by a jury of community leaders and industry professionals. Jury members are selected based on an illustration of solid knowledge of smart growth principles.

We hold the annual awards program in the fall of each year and award projects in the following categories:

  • Citizen Advocacy – any individual, group, or process that exhibited excellent citizen inclusion in development of a successful policy/plan/development project.
  • Commercial or Industrial – projects that are 90-100% commercial.
  • Green Building – illustrates the benefits of combining smart growth and green building by integrating green building design and materials with land use and efficiency.
  • Mixed Use – development/planning that provides/supports a balance of residential and commercial that provides opportunity for live, work and play.
  • Public planning and policy – fully adopted, policy or plan.
  • Redevelopment – any project that revitalizes an area and/or structure/s.
  • Residential – any project that is 90-100% residential.
  • Small Community – any nomination in a community with a population of less than 10,000.
  • Transportation – projects/plans that enhance transportation choices, improve connectivity, reduce reliance on single occupancy vehicles, reduces vehicle miles traveled, context-sensitive, network/street improvements that support walking and/or biking.

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